Our domain knowledge, expertise and inventions.

Each year ABB dedicates over $1.5 billion in R&D activities driven by our 8,500 technologists, across four divisions and seven corporate research centers to maintain our position as a pioneering technology leader.

...You are dealing with the experts in flow measurement technology.

Our inventions, shaping the world in flow measurement:

  • 1988 - 1st battery-powered electromagnetic flowmeter for District Metered Areas (DMA)
  • 1995 - 1st "Insertion" electromagnetic flow meter
  • 1996 - 1st "in-situ" electromagnetic flow meter verification system
  • 2000 - 1st 0 x Diameter upstream and 0 x Diameter downstream sensor technology
  • 2004 - 1st "integrated" GSM Global System for Mobile communication technology in flow meters
  • 2006 - 1st "self-verifying" flow meter
  • 2011 - 1st flow meter powered with "renewable energy"
  • 2014 - 1st "WITS-DNP3 (Water Industry Telemetry Standards) integrated" flow meter

Receive early warnings for leaks or bursts - minimizing Non-Revenue Water (NRW).

The combination of accurate flow measurement through our unique sensor design and pressure measurement allows utilities to have deep understanding of flow and pressure profiles, even at very low flow rates during the night, enabling early warnings of leaks or bursts.

...Manage leaks and pressure in your distribution network - reduce waste and prioritise OPEX strategically.

  • Low flow rate capability with a high turndown range (R) enables minimal night flow rates to be metered accurately.
  • External pressure transducer with no requirements for any additional transmitter.

Global confidence in the wet calibration of our flow meters.

ABB's flow calibration facilities are certified by national independent accredited bodies/laboratories. These are all are linked by the 'International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation' (ILAC7), ensuring that, irrespective of where in the world a meter is calibrated, the calibration will be within the published uncertainty for that laboratory.

...Complete confidence in the accuracy of our flow meters.

Flowmeters at ABB's facilities are calibrated using one of the following methods:

  • Gravimetric (using weigh scales)
  • Volumetric (using the meter prover)
  • Comparison (using reference meters)

ABB's laboratories are regularly checked against each other and against external accredited laboratories using transfer standard meters.

Lowest total cost of ownership (TOTEX) over complete product lifecycle.

A combination of standard, readily available batteries, no need for special cables, dedicated mobile phone applications to increase staff productivity and a range of flexible configuration options, ensures that the AquaMaster4 will deliver the lowest TOTEX over complete product lifecycle.

...Achieve a higher return from the investments you make with us.

  • Using readily available standard lithium cells, AquaMaster 4 can be operated for over 10 years. Alternatively, the transmitter can be powered by a range of green energy sources.
  • Eliminates the need for bespoke cables and laptops to connect to each transmitter.
  • In-situ, automated health-checking of flow meter, ensures the meter meets regulatory & technical requirements.
  • Building on ABB's fingerprint philosophy, every flow meter is verification tested, before dispatch.

Invest smartly through 'Single box' DMA (District Metered Areas) solution.

Measurement of flow and pressure parameters are critical to optimize your water distribution network. The inbuilt logger functionality provides total flexibility - enabling data to be interrogated, in precise detail, during a period of interest, at even higher time resolution.

...Achieve even more (flow, pressure and logger) with less capital expenditure.

  • Combined flow, pressure monitoring and integrated data-logging in a single product.
  • AquaMaster 4 eliminates quantization effects, averaging digitally over the selected logging interval. Such high-resolution data facilitates step testing, leakage detection and water network analysis. The inbuilt logger delivers accuracies not possible when using an external data logger.

Increase confidence in your revenue billing.

AquaMaster4 available in sizes DN 40 to 2400 (1.5 to 95 in.), with a choice of full bore and reduced bore and 300 to 1000 mm (12 to 40 in.) probe/insertion style sensors, is the complete solution for flow measurement in the potable water distribution networks and revenue metering applications. With the widest flow range, highest accuracy and long-term stable calibration, AquaMaster4 is the only choice for Revenue Metering.

...Delivers accurate billing for true consumption - not estimates.

  • Highest accuracy with 0 x Diameter upstream and 0 x Diameter downstream pipeline and with poor hydraulic installations.
  • Hydraulic disturbances caused by bends and valves generate distorted flow profiles, resulting in significant meter errors. ABB’s reduced bore (DN40-DN600) range of sensors have a unique bore design which conditions the upstream fluid flow profile, flattening it within the sensor’s central measuring zone.

Class leading 'Fit and flow' set-up with unique ABB Velox mobile app.

AquaMaster4 is the first transmitter to feature a contactless interface using industry standard Near Field Communication (NFC). The dedicated ABB Velox App, available for use with Android & Windows mobile devices, enables configuration changes to be easily made. Simply configure offline and utilize NFC to update the AquaMaster4 configuration. The data logger contents can also be downloaded in CSV format for offline interrogation.

...Delivers increased productivity and simplifies sensor/transmitter configuration.

  • All calibration factors, site settings and serial numbers are stored in the sensor - eliminates the need to match sensor and transmitter.
  • Multiple, programmable password levels for increased security.
  • Wall mounted coupler allows direct communication with transmitters that are inaccessible.

Gain maximum confidence in the health of the flow meter through the use of ABB CalMaster3 in-situ verification tool.

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This means you can achieve higher return from the investments you make with us.

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